07 12, 2019

Publicist Narek Malian’s Third Novel, “Queen of Hearts” is Released (Video) 

Publicist Narek Malian's third book, “Queen of Hearts”, has been published. The author says that the novel is special in terms of the plot line. It introduces one of the most recent events in the world from a new perspective, 

"This is about the circumstances of Princess Diana's death and the events that followed. The book is a look at it all from a new perspective. These events were once presented with brilliant propaganda tricks. That is why I decided to raise this topic in a work of art, to make the reader think, to look critically at any event that is presented to them through television and the media, "said Narek Malian during the book presentation.

According to him, the work, in fact, is a challenge to the propaganda carried out by the media around the world.

Narek Malian also mentioned that in the novel "Queen of Hearts" there are two stories that are not connected at first sight, which, however, are intertwined at the end of the book and make an interesting story. "I think the reader will like this book as much as the previous two."

The author of the book "Queen of Hearts" mentioned that he would soon start working on his fourth book.

Host, actress Nazeni Hovhannisyan told the reporters that she had read the book "in one breath." According to her, the author's style and language are more polished in the book "Queen of Hearts" 

"I like the topic that Narek Malian touched upon. I mean to say PR technologies that we all use, as a result of which many people can be deceived. This is a very important fact. PR is either a way of presenting reality precisely or presenting reality in a different way, that is to say, deceiving a little bit. I think today's society should learn to differentiate the truth from what is presented to it. "I think this is a good textbook for people who do not have such knowledge," she said.

National Assembly Deputy Naira Zohrabyan stated that she had discovered Narek Malian with his first book, "PR of Sodom". "Narek Malian surprised me greatly. I could notice an interesting writing and style in his book. It was freshness, it was literature to read in one breath. I recommend everyone to read. And if Narek decides not to be engaged in politics at all, but only to write, I think we will have a very good writer. "

Narek Malian is also the author of the book “Point Zero”