07 12, 2019

The book is Released as a Result of 10 Years’ Research: the Presentation of the Book “Queen of Hearts”

Today, on July 10, Narek Malian’s book, “Queen of Hearts” was presented at Congress Hotel.

At the beginning of the presentation, the representative of "Ari" literary agency, literary agent Arevik Ashkharoyan made a speech. She stated that Narek Malian already has his unique place in the Armenian literary world. "This is evidenced by Narek Malian’s third book being published. The Armenian version of the book "PR of Sodom" was published this year as well. "Queen of Hearts" came to go with the success of the book "Point Zero". "I would like to note that “Point Zero" in Arabic continues to be very successful, we hope that we will be able to present all of Malian's books in other languages as well."

The author of the book "Queen of Hearts" Narek Malian began with thanking his readers. "Readers compel the writer, you start thinking about the reader all the time. "First of all, I would like to thank all of my readers, the "Ari" team - Arevik Ashkharoyan, Anna Baghramyan, I thank those present - all of you."

Malian also spoke about the book "Queen of Hearts", noting how the idea of writing the book came about. "In 1997, when Princess Diana died in a very unfortunate accident, I was on holiday in a place where there was almost nothing to do. TV was the only occupation. I had to watch the coverage of Diana's death and its circumstances all day. At that time, I did not have enough knowledge to understand what was going on.

However, I could see an invisible hand directing, arranging, and delivering things as needed. I saw a scene that was very incomprehensible to me: people were crying, lying on the ground, behaving strangely, I wanted to understand what was the idea, why people were behaving in such an incomprehensible way.

The years went by, and I always wanted to explore, to understand the secret of the coverage of Princess Diana's death and its circumstances. I conducted my little research, the results of which first were in the form of an article, then I had a lecture on the subject. In the end, as a result of my research for about 10 years, this book was published, which is full of artistic solutions, and makes the reader look at things, circumstances and events a little differently.”

Narek Malian also spoke about the identifications in his 3 books. "If we compare the three books, there are identifications in all three, they all are about mass manipulations, controlling masses. I would like to mention - there is zero politics in all my books."

Famous actress, host Nazeni Hovhannisyan also made a speech. She read an extract from the book "Queen of Hearts", noting that she was impressed by the book and the ideas in it. They make people look at things and events differently.