07 12, 2019

Narek Malian Writes his Third Book after 10 years’ Research

In his book "Queen of Hearts", the author presents a new perspective on the propaganda campaign of Princess Diana’s death and following it.

"In 1997, when Princess Diana died in an accident, I was on holiday in a place where there was almost nothing to do. My only occupation was watching TV and I had to watch coverage of Diana's death and its circumstances all day long. At that time, I did not have enough knowledge to understand what was going on. But I could see an invisible hand directing everything, arranging and delivering it as needed," says the author of the book.

Narek Malian emphasizes that he tried to force the reader to look at the events critically through this book.

"It took two years for the manuscript to become a printed book. Due to the circumstances, I have been following the death of Princess Diana and the coverage of it for about 10 years. At first, the research was in the form of an article, then it became a lecture material, which I read in the framework of a strategic PR subject at the university, and then the book was born,” says Narek Malian.

Narek Malian's literary agent Arevik Ashkharoyan emphasizes that Malian already has a special place in the Armenian literary world. “The fact that Narek Malian's third book is being published proves it. The Armenian version of the book "PR of Sodom" was published this year as well. "Queen of Hearts” came to complement the success of the book “Point Zero”.”

Arevik Ashkharoyan is sure that foreign readers will be interested in Malian's literary style and the dynamics of presenting stories. The book "Queen of Hearts" will take part in international publishing fairs.

This year Malian's book will be presented at international exhibitions in London and Frankfurt.

Arpi Muradyan