07 12, 2019

Presentation of “Queen of Hearts” 

Publicist Narek Malian's third book, “Queen of Hearts”, has been published. The author says that the novel is special in terms of the plot line. It introduces one of the most recent events in the world from a new perspective. 

"This is about the circumstances of Princess Diana's death and the events that followed. The book is a look at it all from a new perspective. These events were once presented with brilliant propaganda tricks. That is why I decided to raise this topic in a work of art, to make the reader think, to look critically at any event that is presented to them through television and the media," said Narek Malian during the book presentation.

05 31, 2017

Discussion of “Point Zero” at YSU. Meeting with the Readers

An interesting and sincere discussion with the readers

The discussion of the novel "Point Zero" took place in the Robert Schuman Hall of YSU Center for European Studies.

02 27, 2017

Presentation of “Point Zero”

Counselor to the RA Police Chief, writer and PR specialist Narek Malian’s book, second in number, but first in the Armenian language, “Point Zero”, has been presented. In his engaging novel the author introduces the "zero points" of civilization to the world and states that terrorism has neither national nor religious affiliation. He also points out that the powerful of the world have often used the power of faith to strengthen their power and multiply riches. In his book, Malian draws parallels between the historical events of the Christian and Muslim worlds and closes the novel with one of the terrorist attacks of our days.