Michael A.Orthofer

Narek Malian is "a good storyteller and he has quite a few good stories to tell (and paces everything well -- i.e. quickly, ideally for a set of stories like this --, so that there are really no lulls). Point Zero is an unusual triptych in its presentation, but it works just fine."

Founder and managing editor of the "Complete Review"                     

Suren Sargsyan

Narek Malian has an exceptional talent to describe the past in a realistic way and to predict the future accurately and pragmatically. Remarkable is the fact that he is able to connect the past and the future by looking from the present perspectives. This is a grace that very few modern writers and artists have achieved. Undoubtedly, he still has something to offer to his readers.


- Political Scientist & Researcher
  Fletcher Alumni & Rumsfeld Fellow

George Grigoryan

Narek Malian's created characters are extremely compelling with their humanlike traits. His plots are captivating by their unexpected turns and are full of mystic atmosphere. His books are turning into fascinating movies in my mind making me want to experience them over and over again. They are shedding light on many indescribable things that are happening around us.


- Actor

Nazeni Hovhannisyan

"Narek Malian has an interesting dynamics specific to the detective genre, I think it is the embodiment of speed, the main motivation for speed, easy perception and interest. Narek Malian's writing style is very distinct, individual and it has the speed that we look for on social networks, constantly scrolling and looking for new facts."


- Actress and TV Host

Lilit Tumanyan

"When reading Narek Malian, many people get the impression that he has features of clairvoyance, but, speaking from a realistic point of view, he just knows society and personality traits very well. One needs to be a psychologist a little bit to write such books.”


- Journalist, Director of the "ArmNews FM" Radio

Naira Zohrabyan

"I'm a book lover, it is hard to surprise me. I like good literature. But Narek Malian surprised me greatly. I could notice an interesting writing and style in his books. It was freshness, it was literature to read in one breath. I recommend everyone to read. And if Narek decides not to be engaged in politics at all, but only to write, I think we will have a very good writer.”


- Deputy of the RA Parliament