Fiction writer and one of the most renowned Armenian PR specialists Narek Malian was born to a family of priest and spent most of his childhood in St. Geghard monastery. His childhood played a decisive role in the formation of him as a person and his worldview.

After graduating from the Military college after Monte Melkonian, Narek got his first Masters’ Degree in International Law (Yerevan State University, 2001) and the second one in Public Administration (Armenian State University of Economics, 2015). Narek’s career made an interesting turn when after years of work for the Homicide Investigations Unit of the Military Police he decided to explore PR and continue his career in that direction. While heading the department of Political Research at Proxy PR company Narek established his own - "Peoplemeter" PR Agency, which was one of the most successful PR agencies in Armenia back in 2010s. 

Narek served as the Adviser to the Head of Police of the Republic of Armenia from 2011 to 2017.

In 2019 Narek’s second PR company Malian PR was established, which is working with various clients till the moment.

Malian also teaches. In 2016-2019 he has been lecturing on “PR and Communication Ethics” at the Police Education Complex and “Strategic PR” at the Department of Sociology of Yerevan State University.



In 2015 Narek Malian published his first book, the novel “PR of Sodom”, originally written in the Russian language.

In 2016 Malian published his second book, the “Point Zero”, which has been translated and published in Arabic and English languages.

In 2019 Malian’s third book, the novel “Queen of Hearts” and the Armenian translation of the “PR of Sodom” were published.



2013 – The Intellectual Official of the Year, AS Awards

2014 – The Discovery of the Year, "De Facto" social and political magazine