02 19, 2024

Arabs are filming TV series based on Narek Malian's novel

Narek Malian’s novel “Point Zero”, which was published in 2017, was translated into Arabic by the Egyptian publishing house “Al Arabi” in 2018. Now, Arabs are filming TV series based on Malian’s novel. The “Al Arabi” publishing house advises its readers to read “Point Zero” before Ramadan.

“Al Arabi” made a post on Facebook about this, which was discussed by their followers:

As it was mentioned before, in the novel "Point Zero" the author, who is now a political prisoner, united the events happening in different countries, in different times and in different religious civilizations in one point - zero. The book begins and ends with a liturgy, through which an attempt was made to draw a fine comparative line between the modern world and medieval religious fanaticism.