07 11, 2019

Narek Malian about “Queen of Hearts” and the Propaganda Campaign

"He who is guided by public opinion has a life of five minutes, public opinion has exactly that much life." Narek Malian starts the prologue of his third book, “Queen of Hearts”, with a quotation by an unknown philosopher. He has worked on this book for two years and says that the pleasure of writing is irreplaceable.

The author says that the propaganda campaign of Princess Diana's death and even following her death is presented from a new perspective in his book. "It took two years for a manuscript to become a printed book.

"Due to the circumstances, I have observed Princess Diana’s death and the coverage of it. It has been more than ten years since the research was conducted. First it was in the form of an article, then it became a lecture material, which I read at the university in the field of strategic PR, then the book was born”, Malian mentioned.

"I decided to force the reader to look critically at any event," he said. He also added that the book would take part in international publishing fairs.

"Joseph Clayton, a PR specialist who has worked with various world-class politicians, has changed political destinies or created some, decides to isolate himself in a remote village, live a rural life, start sheep farming, grow roses and sell them.

However, Joseph's quiet and peaceful life gets interrupted when he notices Sarah in his house, a woman whose five years of life have been controlled and have had a different course of action by Joseph's order. Who is this woman, what does she want to get from Joseph, what will be the unfolding and outcome of their meeting?

And what will be found out in the end when Joseph remembers and begins to recall the most impressive work challenge of his life, Operation “Queen of Hearts”? ”- this is the key to the book. According to Narek Malian, there are stories in the book that don’t seem to be connected at first sight, however they eventually merge. His previous novel, “Point Zero”, has already been translated into English and will soon be published in the UK, having previously been published in Arabic in Arab countries. "The literary agency is seeking to make my books known to the world," he said.

Gohar Hakobyan